Thursday, July 4, 2013

Described Movies

We are fortunate now to have so many movies described to us. I have decided that I am going to start going to the movies much more now. First up on my list is THE HEAT, a described cop buddy movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. It's everywhere right now and I love Sandra Bullock, so that is my first choice this week.

Every Friday I will get help and tell you the top 5 described movies of the week, so it won't just be my choice. I will ask for help from other visually impaired people to let me know what they saw and how they would let us know their thoughts on the movie.

I just found out that the one Cinemark movie theater in Sierra Vista has 10 screens and seven described movies. Their competition, the Uptown 3, has no such films showing. It is not a small town but small enough to think that they might not have described movies there, yet more and more movies now are being described.

Harkins is still the number one Arizona movie chain for described movies, and we have only two of their theaters in Tucson. I wish we had more but I bet we will in years to come. Of course I live on the East side so they are not close to me, but that's softened by a discount theater just up the road from here and with nine out of twelve screens showing described movies. it's nice for someone on a budget.

Cinemax/Cinemark has just four theaters in the metro area and they are all up to date with the necessary equipment for these movies. We have one AMC theater and it used to show one described movie every week or two, and in only one specific room, but now about half their screens have descriptions.

EMVIA canvasses the whole state every week for described movie listings and gives them to the Southern Arizona Council of the Blind for listing on their web site at There's no other list like it. If you wonder which movies are showing with description, check that list out.


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