Sunday, September 2, 2012

A book I stumbled upon

After downloading perhaps a dozen books from BARD’s recent additions list I loaded them all onto a cartridge to see what was there. I stopped on one from Nora Roberts called The Next Always. Only after getting nearly to the end did I find out it is part of a very recent set she calls The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy.

picture of Nora RobertsThis has drama, comedy, romance, and a lot of detail on putting together a large Bed and Breakfast, and it’s funny, a rare thing from Roberts. It’s about eleven hours long but it moves quicker than most of her hundred or so books.

It’s followed up by The Last Boyfriend, not available from BARD but Bookshare, the Talking Book Library and have it, and finally by The Perfect Hope which is scheduled for commercial audio release in early November.

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