Saturday, August 18, 2012

Harkins getting used to descriptions

Description headphones used by Harkins
I went to the Harkins movie theater in Tucson and watched Hope Springs with the descriptive headset that they have.
When I went to the counter to ask for the head set, the clerk knew exactly what I wanted, explained exactly how to use it, and even explained that if it went on backwards there would be static.

There was no static. It went perfectly. I enjoyed the movie very much.
It was nice to be helped so well. My experiences in other theaters have not even been close to that. I have often had to ask a number of people to get a headset and sometimes no one even knew what I was talking about.
At this Harkins theater they know exactly what it is you need and give it right to you and at the end they wanted to make sure everything went well with it. My Daughter went with me and was very impressed with Harkins.

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