Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talking Scales

There are so many talking scales out there for you to choose from if you are interested. They speak your weight aloud and are a lot of fun. They all take batteries which should last a year or so. Some come in languages other than English, and the one I have can be switched between English and Spanish, and between pounds and kilograms.
I mostly have fun with mine. I bring it out and show it to people but it seems that nobody wants to get on it though. Some have an adjustable volume control. I control the loud embarrassing blast from mine with a slathering of duct tape across the speaker. If you keep one in the bathroom and have the shower running hard, you won't broadcast your weight to everybody nearby. It sure is nice to not have anyone stand there and tell you how much you weigh.

It is great for me right now while needing to know how I am doing with my weight loss try. The weight is going down slower than I was expecting, but it's still going down. My husband is, or so he says, trying to lose the pounds too and it is nice to be able to hear how he is doing. Especially since he doesn't want me to.

I went to my son’s birthday celebration and did not watch it; I went to my daughter's and did not watch it. I swear food and goodies are everywhere! If I would just stay at home I could eat less by paying attention to how big the servings are because I have a talking kitchen scale too.

These kitchen scales are just as numerous as the bathroom ones. The one I have, the VOX 3000, seems to be very accurate. When you push the ON button, it automatically calibrates itself so that gives you an easy tare weight adjustment.

That makes measuring amazingly easy. It measures to the tenth of an ounce, so I can also use it as a reliable postal scale too. Both of these two scales have exactly the same clear voice. This is just a coincidence but it's good to have two appliances that work so well.

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