Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time To Lose Some Weight and Get Exercising!

Are there many of you out there like me: now in my fifties and you watch your eating and do some exercising but the weight doesn't just not fall off like it did when you were in your twenties? I am much more tired than I used to be and would rather sit and watch a repeat of the Gilmour Girls with a drink or some chips or cookies.

I'm just a few pounds lighter than when I had my first child, and I gained 50 pounds with him. I used to be thin, could wear white and look fine. Now I like to wear red and black.

My husband is also getting heavy. When we got married we were both in great shape but that was nearly twenty years ago. My husband has decided to go on a diet and I did that with him. He lost ten pounds, I lost two, and that did not make me happy. He is a dozen years older then me so it's really not an age thing.

I am already getting fed up and thinking of settling for losing only fifteen of my original goal of thirty pounds. So, as embarrassing as it is, I am putting it out in public to give myself the will power to do it. I am the world's worst dieter and this is my fortieth or so try. People laugh at me when I tell them I am going on a diet because I never follow through. I keep gaining weight. I love to eat. I don't like to exercise that much either.

I need to start taking very long walks again with my friend. It's over a hundred degrees for about a hundred days each Summer, but we talk all about everything you can imagine on the walks so that really helps. Because I know she wants me to join her it makes me get up and get going or I know I wouldn't do it.

I have an incentive for myself. I am hoping it makes me really do it. I am hoping to feel better. I am hoping to get back into some of my clothes.

I'm going to see if I can find some exercise videos (exercise non-videos?) that don't depend on watching the video portion on a television in order to know how to do the moves right.


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