Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I am still at it and now I remember why I never completely follow thru on completely organizing something. It is very time consuming. Not that I am going to stop! I still have more to do but I am getting there.

It is taking me so much longer then I thought that it would and when you are labeling things you do need some help. That, and my Braille hand embosser is being stubborn. I will keep at it and I am setting a goal of next Tuesday evening finishing and then I will give the details of what I did.

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Anonymous said...

Organization is a struggle for many but can become a nightmare for persons burdened by a disability or disorder. In my case, severe vision loss has given me the “out of sight, out of mind” ability. This skill comes in handy when talking about weeds in the yard or spots on the carpet, however, it can also be dangerous or even life threatening. Common household items can easily cut or bruise when unintended contact with missed placed items is made. I consider myself an organized person but I often get lazy. Here are my suggestions for improving your organizational skills:

1. Give everything a home. Once you’re done using an item always put it back in its home. This suggestion fails when you get lazy like me.
2. Have a good sense of humor. The ability to accept what you can’t change builds character.
3. Live alone. Well-meaning loved ones will have a different view on how to organize.

Marlene Dekker