Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Do you spill much in the kitchen? I do.

I once got a tip from Christy Morison. I was going through a spilling phase for a while in my kitchen and was telling her all about it one day when she was over. Pouring is my largest problem. She told me that when I am pouring anything always do it right over your sink. If your sink is cleaned out you can do anything in it  food or drink-wise in your kitchen.

I actually felt kind of dumb. It is such a easy thing to do and why did I not do it more! Well, not totally dumb;  I have poured over the sink. I think we all do that.

But to do everything right in my kitchen sink? Never thought of that one and when I remember now, it just seems so weird to me that I have not always done that.


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