Monday, April 15, 2013

Kids finding Braille

We went to Bookman's on Saturday with the people from Camp Abilities. We were in the kids' area and when the kids came up we showed them what Braille was.

It was very interesting to hear what they thought Braille was. Most did not know a thing about Braille other than it was for the blind, but there were some that knew much more. One called it bumps for the blind on a piece of paper.

We had the kids write their names and then they were shown a Braille alphabet card and a sheet of small bump dots so they could then write their names tacitly. It was so interesting to see how each child put the Braille on the sheet. Without telling them, some wrote dots on a piece of paper then put the bumps on the paper right over them, a lot of them would just look at the Braille cards and they would just copy it letter by letter.

They would ask all sorts of different questions and the moms learned a thing or two as well. Several elementary school teachers come up and talked to us and they were interested in doing the same sort of exercise in their classrooms.


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