Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fake Blind Beggars

This is my view about a guy going around acting like he is blind. There is a local beggar who acts blind. He might have low vision, but he definitely can see.
He goes all around town, acting like he does not know where he is. He will run into a car, or a wall, or a person, and is confused and helpless. He will ask for money but often people will just give him some right out front. He did come in to the Sun Sounds office a number of years ago and it was very obvious that he was faking.
I just feel that he gives blind people a bad look. We all know that if you are going to be walking downtown or around, you have gone through some training and you will know what you are doing, and definitely not running into things with dramatic flair.
Actually I am saying this in a much nicer tone than how I really feel. Many people I run into tell me about him and they have given him money. I tell them that he is faking. I tell people if they see him to please call the police and let them know what he is doing. Spread the word that he is a fake, really just a beggar, acting like he cannot see.

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