Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prescription labeling for visually impaired people

I was extremely happy to hear that very soon prescription bottles will be labeled with either large print or Braille or all of the other ways that they can be marked for the visually impaired.

For just a bit of a time years ago they did Braille drug naming on my prescription bottles but then it went away. I loved so much being able to know exactly what I had and not to have to ask anyone if this was so and so.

If you are a mother of young children and nobody else is around to make sure you know what to give the kids, you know how important this is. Of course you can label things yourself but sometimes that is a hassle and sometimes you forget and sometimes if you have more than one prescription there’s always a serious chance you might switch two of them! Having the labeling started that way is so nice.

I am so happy to see more and more things getting better for people who are visually impaired and can't wait for it to be here.


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