Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harkins Theaters’ Free Demo

The Seuss Lorax
 We went to see THE LORAX, a described movie at the Harkins Tucson Spectrum theaters. It was a very cute movie and it will be very nice for kids.  

I loved hearing that every one of the 18 theaters there have the descriptive movie equipment and will use it as long as the studio includes the description track with the film.
The new movie Lorax

It was very surprising that the attendance was only about 40 people, even after all the publicity about them being sued because they did not have described movies at their theaters. I was really expecting many more people to come to give support and check out the equipment.

So many thing are getting better for the visually impaired now and we fight to get the things that are important for us, but if we do not show more support for the things we fight for, and if we do not get more involved with things like this, then progress will be slower and harder.


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