Thursday, April 26, 2012


Our SAZCB book club is now reading THE CAMEL CLUB
by David Baldacci. It’s not exactly my taste but I am liking it O K. I really think that men would like this book and since one of our goals is to put books on our list that men would like then that’s O K too. On May 12 we get together to talk about this one and see who really liked it.

It’s available from Bookshare as number 88953 and from BARD as DB60678.

Here’s what the BARD people have to say about this one that’s read in 16 hours by Jonathan Davis: “Suspense: Wealthy businessmen and politicians gather at the Camel Club, unaware that their conversations are being monitored. After homeless Oliver Stone witnesses a murder, Secret Service agent Alex Ford interviews him. Ford's subsequent investigation yields information on a potential political assassination. Some violence and some strong language."

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