Saturday, December 18, 2010

Descriptive Movies

I am enjoying them more then ever and I go to the movies more than I have in a long time and are enjoying them more. One of the latest I saw was Secretariat, which I did enjoy a lot. I was raised with horses and remember well the Triple Crown race that Secretariat was in. I also went and saw part one of the latest Harry Potter movie. It was the first one that I have seen with the descriptive video. I enjoyed that one the most since they let you know every little detail that was going on so I could really get into the movie that way.


When my vision first went and I could not see the TV any more I still watched and enjoyed it.  Now that I am listening much more frequently with descriptive video I like that more and more. I am very happy to be hearing that it has become a law now for stations to be increasing their descriptive video offerings as the years go by. With their broadcast second audio channel they would tend to use it for a second spoken language rather than a description track.


Talking books is getting more of them all the time, which is really nice. To ask them about such things, call them from anywhere at 888-657-7323. That's their national number and they'll answer your questions and help set you up locally.



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