Monday, June 21, 2010

Restaurant Menus

Every time I go to a restaurant I ask if they have a Braille menu. Most do not, but it is very interesting to see how they react. Sometimes I have to repeat what I am asking them because they have never heard of one before, but if they do have one, they seem very happy to be able to give you one.

Braille and large print menus are very slowly catching on. On The Border ( and Mimi's Café ( have good supplies of combination Braille and large print menus that are clearly marked and dated so the staff is able to manage them. Claim Jumper ( has Braille only menus.

A few months ago I was in a Black Angus Steakhouse (, a western U S chain and asked for a Braille menu. The waitress did not know if they had one so she went to check, and when she came back she said sorry, and then asked me if they were in trouble! She was very serious about it. I did not want to laugh at her but I did find it amusing.

This is another one of those things: if restaurants get asked enough times they will get them. Just like descriptive movies, wouldn't it be neat if it was just the normal thing when you went in a restaurant that it was just the norm to have large print and for those of us who do read Braille to have a Braille menu at all restaurants.


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