Sunday, October 26, 2014


Picture of Robin Cook
ACCEPTABLE RISK is the SAZCB Book Club book of the month for November and anyone can call in to give their two cent’s worth. Each book we read for the book club is different, some I do not like so I have a hard time getting through, but not this one. 
This one kept me listening. This was one of the more interesting ones and I think you should try it out, especially if you like spooky books. It fits Halloween well. 
Much of this description is taken from BARD. ACCEPTABLE RISK is a medical thriller by Robin Cook and it’s about 13 hours long. In 1692, Elizabeth Stewart is hung as a witch in Salem after a young girl in her care experiences hallucinations. Now, 300 years later, Elizabeth's descendant Kim Stewart, who inherited Elizabeth's house, is dating a scientist who suspects a mold on Elizabeth's rye caused the problem. His search leads to the discovery of a possible antidepressant, but his odd behavior is scaring Kim. 
Download from BARD DB39876 (read by Martha Harmon Pardee) or Bookshare.

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