Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Descriptive Dependence

I went to see the movie August: Osage County. It was a bit different than the movies that I like but it was good. I went largely because I really like Julia Roberts.

My son and I wanted to see different movies that day so I went to the one and he went to a different movie; something with explosions. I got the describing head set and was getting into the movie, but about half way through it the head set died.

I was thinking it should be fine, that I had the drift of the movie down, but I was wrong. After getting used to being told all that was going on in movies by the descriptions was something I was used to so it really was very different not knowing those things.

I just wanted to talk about this because I was really shocked at the difference. I did not understand what happened much at the end of the movie so that was not a lot of fun. I guess that I am really enjoying descriptive movies.

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