Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I did it!  I have a small office at home and one at work and I can't understand why I do not keep them up and why I keep putting things around everywhere at random, so every six months or so it's time again for yet another office clean-up.

 Now (again) everything is in my reach, from the important things to things I just want to keep and will need later. We put up several large bulletin boards and will try to keep those very orderly.

 Do you always lose things at work or at home? I do it all the time. My worst habit is to put something away in a special place where I will not forget, then I do, and I forget.

 The thing that makes me crazy is when I think I have been really well organized and I can go right to the thing I want. Then I feel so much better about it and then my vision loss is not such a big deal. Nothing gets me more upset than when I cannot find something and that is when I will get upset about my vision.

Spilling is another problem of mine; one I am really going to work on. I do have a new thermos that I bought and try to take to work, you just push a button and if you knock it over nothing spills, but you do have to remember to make sure you push that button before the next spill, not after. There's nothing like spilling water all over your papers at work but coffee is even worse. Have you ever put your drink in an area where you are sure it is out of the way and somehow you are looking for something and you still spill it? That one really gets me.

I even organized my closet too. Now I know where things are and the sizes, but would still love one of those color scanners to tell you what color the clothes are but that will come one day when I'm rich and famous. It is easy to have a system if you can take the time, but time is the thing. Organizing always takes time. If it did not I bet more people would do it.

 The kitchen is next. That is the big one, but whenever it is organized it really helps me. I will go into much more detail with that project and letting you know what I did.  

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