Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Series of Humorous Novels

One of my favorite authord these days is Janet Evanovich, so I was checking out some books she co-authored with Charlotte Hughes. They worked together on a series of six novels called the FULL series, and they'e just about as funny as the Stephanie Plum series.

The reading flow seems to point to the series going on after the sixth book, but there are no more mentioned and the Hughes web site is stale by two years. The only sour point I saw in this group was with the readers. The first four books were read by Colleen Delany, a very good reader who inflected well and who changed voice for each character. The last two were read by another good reader who just didn't follow the style of Delany.

By themselves, the last two were fine, but the first reader set the bar high.

The books are Full House, Full Tilt, Full Speed, Full Blast, Full Bloom, and Full Scoop.


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