Saturday, February 12, 2011

Series Gaps at Talking Books

I stepped in a hole a few weeks ago and sprained my ankle enough 
to have to wear an ortho boot for two months, so I have been off 
my feet and have never read so many books in my life! I love to 
read books that have sequels and am finding out that not all of 
some very popular series in the Talking Book Library or BARD 
systems have decent continuity.

If you get books from Talking Books or BARD and you like 
novels that are a part of a continuing series or theme, make 
sure you find out up front if they have the whole series.

I keep finding, the hard way, that they do not usually have all 
of them. There are ways to get them but those ways usually 
cost money. Hang up the computer and phone the library 
directly for the status of missing books. The Library of Congress 
is aware of such gaps and is supposedly working to plug them.


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